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Alumni Reunion

Submitted by cintia on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 13:54
The alumni reunion will be on Friday, December 20 at 4:30 pm. Join us or join us!

Where: Our office campus, building J-1.


What steps did you go thru to post this? Specifically, did you start from the "Topic" link in the UN Staff Forum? Did you click on "Content" and then something else? Civi works a bit different for me because I'm a site admin, so I'm curious how it works for you.

For something like this you could choose to turn comments off. Did you see how to do that?

I clicked the UN STAFF POSTS tab. On the right hand side, I clicked "topic" under CONTENT CREATE LINKS. Would regular users see the STAFF POSTS tab as well? (I assume we can change the name). And yes, I saw that I can edit the "comments settings" to turn comments off instead of leaving that option open.


Now that we can confirm that you have made a breakthrough discovery and that this discussion board is what I was looking for, could you create one for UnidosNow Mentors and one for UnidosNow Alumni?